About this site

The original idea and purpose of this blog was to write the translations of Prabhata Samgiita word by word.

Baba Nam Kevalam – Baba Nam Kevalam is the Asthakshari Mantra(eight syllable chanting words) given by Baba.

Baba refers to the innermost and dearest  entity in one’s soul. Baba comes from a Sanskrit word meaning dear.

Nam means Name

Kevalam means Only

Baba Nam Kevalam means the name of that innermost soul is the only name

Prabhata Samgiita – Prabhata Samgiita are the devotional songs written by Baba. In the short span of 8 years Baba has composed 5018 Prabhata Samgiita songs. Each and every song is rich in contents, each and every verse carry deep spiritual meaning and each and every word is full of bliss. Tunes of Prabhata Samgiita are so melodious that after listening to them one is sure to hum them in his mind.

You can find Prabhata Samgiita and their translations at http://prabhatasamgiita.net/ . In fact the translations in this blog are taken from this site only. After I fell in love with Prabhata Samgiita , I felt that apart from the translation of the entire song, it would be helpful if I could write word by word translation of the Prabhata Samgiita. Someone who likes Samskrata and like to know the meaning of each and every word would like these translations.

Disclaimer – I have a very very little knowledge of Samskrata. I am simply not in the capacity to comprehend and understand all of the underlying meanings of the words as written by the Author. Also the meanings given in http://prabhatasamgiita.net/ are great and helped me in understanding the word by word meaning. In my childish attempt to translate the meaning of Prabhata Samgiita, I am sure to make some mistakes. I hope Baba will forgive me for that.


After the blog was started I thought apart from translations I could also write about teachings of Baba and other theories propounded by Baba.

In his short human lifetime on this dusty earth, Baba has given theories in almost all facets of life.

Music – Prabahta Samgiita

Dance – Tandava and Kaoshiki

Medicine – Books on Natural Remedies and Yoga

Spirituality – Discourses on Tantra, and other discourses as Ananda Vacanamratam, Subhasiita Samgraha etc

Science – Various theories like Theory on Microvita http://microvitatheory.wordpress.com/

Grammar – Shabda Cayanika and other books

Socio-Economic – PROUT theory http://prout.org

Ecology and Environment – Theory of Neo-humanism

I can think of only these at this moment. I am surely forgetting many of the things. My apologies to Baba.

I have categorized Baba’s preaching under ‘Ananda Vacanamratam’ category

Microvita under Microvita category

Prout and related things under Prout category and so forth.


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28 08 2009

Namaskar! It was deeply inspiring to see your blog – always a pleasure to find sites with the words of Shrii Shrii A’nandamu’rti. I expect to be a regular visitor. BNK!

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